Bengaluru Urology Associates


General Tips

  • Exercise daily for 60-90 minutes, irrespective of your mood / busy schedule (slow walk, if you are depressed, running if you are in good mood).
  • Hospital Tips

    1. Every hospital will have good doctors and also few bad doctors. Never visit any hospital without knowing the doctor profile beforehand.
    2. For convenience ( finance / location ), never settle for nearby hospitals. What you think as a small ailment, may turn out to be a major one.
    3. Never go to any hospital / doctor based on brand name, number of recommendations, testimonials, feedbacks, number of likes/dislikes etc. A non-medical person can never assess doctor's skills/expertise. The best way of selecting a good doctor in particular speciality is to take opinion from a doctor in the same speciality and in the same city
      (Eg: only cardiologist will know about other cardiologist in the city)
    4. First consultation is the best time to develop rapport with the main treating doctor. Always, always and always make sure that your first consultation is with your selected doctor. Never settle for his colleague, associate, junior, senior or team member.
    5. Never get operated by a visiting surgeon. Make sure your main surgeon(not assistant) visits you atleast twice a day, everyday.

    Urology Tips

    1. Kidney stone pain may be very severe, but it does not require emergency surgery. Majority of kidney stones can be treated without any admission / surgery / fluid therapy / lithotripsy.
    2. More than 90% of Prostate (urinary) problems are treated with medicines. Never take prostate medications without undergoing mandatory digital rectal examination ( DRE ) ( Treatment based only on ultrasound findings is not correct ).
    3. Unlike females, males should never get urinary infection ( UTI ) in their life time. Any urine infection in a male should be evaluated by an urologist. ( cause of the infection should be treated, not just the infection ).
    4. Any UTI, especially febrile UTI, in a child mandates detailed evaluation. Consult a qualified pediatrician for detailed evaluation(MCU / DTPA / CTU), immediately
    5. Each cancer behaves differently. Prostate cancer does not need urgent treatment, whereas kidney and bladder cancer requires treatment at the earliest. Don't panic. Take opinion from two - three urologists and come to a proper decision.