Bengaluru Urology Associates

Referral Doctors

We appreciate the trust you put in our practice every time you refer a patient to us. We work hard to exceed expectations so that when your patients return to you, they are grateful for your referral and they understand the importance of continuing general care with your office / Clinic.

Referral Letters

When you refer to us, we will keep you informed of your patient’s progress to ensure a smooth continuation of care.

Free Urology Camp

As part of our charity programme, we conduct free urology camp at regular intervals. Your poor patients can avail this camp. Patients will get free consultation, free uroflowmetry and free medicines. Consultation is by prior appoinment only.

Kidney Stone

If you are suspecting kidney / ureteric stone, you can get one plain CT KUB and then refer your patients to us. In elderly patients, it is advisable to do contrast CT Urography.


For your prostate patients, it is preferable to do ultrasonography – KUB, urine routine and S PSA. If you have facility for uroflowmetry, you can do this test as well.


If USG reveals kidney or bladder cancer, it is advisable to do contrast CT Scan.

Acute Scrotum

Testicular torsion is a real emergency. If you are suspecting torsion, immediately USG – Scrotum has to be done and operated within 6 – 12 hours to save the testis.